Complete Window & Glass Repair

Window Repair - Plumbing Installation
Snow Removal - Plumbing Installation
Maintenance - Plumbing Installation

Fix Broken Windows specializes in fixing broken windows and providing glass replacements. Our technicians also install new screens and repair faulty patio doors to improve the value of your property.

Clear Snowfall

Keep your store open during winter with our convenient snow removal service. When heavy snowfall prevents you from leaving your home’s garage or driveway, let us clear it for you.

Maintain Your Property

To provide building maintenance for your home or business, we have paired with A1 Minuteman, Inc. and Maintenance Services, Inc. To meet all of your needs, we offer cleaning and repair contracts.

In Business Since 1977  •  More Than 30 Years of Experience

Who We Are

As a specialty contractor, provides services such as window repair, door repair and maintenance services to homeowners and businesses throughout Lincolnshire, Illinois. Since 1977, we have served the North Shore of Chicago by offering repairs at a fraction of replacement costs.

If you are planning to sell your home or business and need help with restorations to add value, let us help. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to help you save money on property maintenance. We offer estimates that suit your budget on all of our services.

Contact us to request a service for window repair or service.